Hamdard is a magazine of arts and opinions. The founders of this online magazine are a group of women who live in the Cambridge and Boston area in Massachusetts. Their roots go as far away as India, Iran, and Turkey.

In Persian (Farsi), the prefix ham works like the prefix, com- in Latin. It means “together and jointly.” The Persian word, dard, means pain. Hamdard means “the empathetic,” someone who feels and shares your pain.

Hamdard champions pieces that pull us out of tired norms to show an alternative picture of society. We also try to create space in American culture for stories of immigrants, women, people of color, and other marginalized groups. If any of these topics interests you, and makes you feel Hamdard, please do consider writing a piece and send it our way!

Advisory Editor: Askold Melnyczuk

Founding Editor: Nazli Artemia

Co-editor: Gemma Cooper-Novack

Co-founder (and proposer of the name for the magazine): Shilpi Suneja

Co-founder (and proposer to create a platform for global writers): Vanessa Larsen


Hamdard is currently accepting submissions, in form of poetry, fiction, nonfiction, photoessay, and artwork, for its future issues related to the following themes:


Class, Consumerism, and Poverty


One Year Later


Sexual Harassment.


Please send us your best work to: hamdard.submit at gmail dot com
and add a note to your submission, telling us for which theme you are sending your work to be considered.